25 May 2013

MXKEY v3.5 revision 2.6, Public-Release

DOWNLOAD LINK MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.6
* rename file as .zip

v3.5 revision 2.6, Public-Release
NOKIA module updated to version 2.6
added: WP8 support
Refurbish Flashing support by USB
Recovery(Dead) Flashing support by USB
added: Service Utility for WP8
Factory Reset without flashing
Read/Write Producttion Data(Product Code,PSN,HW version, etc ..) )*
Read/Write WP8 NV items )*
Write CoverColor )*
added: SuperDongle Auth for WP8 phones
SuperDongle Auth is required to write important/secure data
bugfixed: RAPUV2 security repair function
revised internal fire module to enable download firmware package by product code

09 May 2013

Cara Hardreset / Wipe SPC S1

  1. Download DEBUG_TOOL disini
  2. Download Android multi tools v1.02b disini 
  • Extrack DEBUG_TOOL --> SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo-v4- ==> X86 ==> DPInst.exe
  • Exrack Android Multi Tools v1.02b ==> Open Android Multi Tools v1.02b gsmforum
  • Hp spc s1 harus dalam keadaan fastboot mode caranya tekan dan tahan power on + volume atas secara bersamaan.
  • Hubungkan usb ke pc
  • Dan pilih langkah apa yang mau di kerjakan pada
    Android multi tools v1.02b.

Smoga sukses........................

Firmware Asiafone AF103

Download Firmware Asiafone AF103 disini 
Pass rar : ghe-buzz.blogspot.com

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